3 Simple Mobile Car Wash to Take for a Shiny Car Body

Keeping Your Car Shiny This Summer

Every car enthusiast knows that summer is the best time of the year to show off your sparkling, sun-kissed ride. The rays of the sun catch the exquisite detailing at the perfect angles and transform your car into a thing of stunning beauty and radiance. You must learn how to clean your car in time for summer so that you can breathe new life into your car for the sun and cool breeze. Here are 3 simple mobile car wash to take for a shiny car body:

Select The Right Cleaning Products

Your car’s body is delicate and demands careful handling. Coarse materials or materials that might leave an unsightly scratch are to be avoided. You should stick to using a sponge, or better yet, a microfiber washcloth for a soft and thoroughly clean. Make sure to have a couple on hand; as you would need separate cleaning cloths for the exterior and the interior of your vehicle. The type of car wash soap you use is also of paramount importance. Certain soaps and detergents are considered too harsh for car paints.

Sash In The Shade

Under direct sunlight, the soap is likely to dry very quickly. This can leave your car with ugly soap streaks and water spots that spoil all your excellent work. Additionally, the temperature shock from spraying a hot surface with cold water can crack your paint. You should wheel your car into a shaded spot and commence washing when the temperature cooled down a bit. Alternatively, you could do your washing early or later in the day when your car isn’t so hot to touch.

Wash From Top to Bottom

If you watch cleaning professionals work, you would observe that they always start the wash from the top and work their way down. The reason for this is simple and quite logical: Gravity. When you wash, everything moves downwards; especially water. Therefore, starting from below would lead to problems since the upper parts would stain the already clean bottom parts.

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